Marsh Brook Rehab

Lobby and Registration

Welcome to Marsh Brook Rehab! Our friendly, helpful staff is here to provide whatever assistance you need. We also offer dedicated registration and scheduling offices for maximum patient privacy and comfort.

Physical Therapy Clinic

Here in our spacious Physical Therapy Clinic, our PTs provide hands-on therapy, as well as other techniques such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound and functional dry needling. They also work closely with patients during the exercise phase of PT. A wide range of exercise equipment is available, including:

  • Cardio equipment

  • Weight and strength training equipment

  • Work simulation stations

  • PLUS: 10 private treatment rooms for personal evaluations, pediatric care and our Women’s Health Program

Occupational Therapy Clinic

Our dedicated Hand Therapy Clinic offers a spacious, comfortable and well-equipped environment for our OT patients. The clinic offers:

  • Exercise equipment designed specifically to promote hand and arm strength, flexibility and mobility

  • Whirlpool for wound management

  • BTE for advanced computer-guided functional retraining

  • Splint bar for custom upper extremity splint fabrication

Center for Aquatics

All one-on-one Aquatic Therapy sessions, our arthritis exercise program and other group programs are held in our heated pool located right on campus:

  • 20' X 40' pool with variable depth from 3'6" to 7' 6"

  • Water maintained at 92°

  • An extensive array of specialized aquatic exercise equipment

  • Swim jet that propels water up to 8 mph for distance swimming in place

  • Massage jets

  • Handicapped lift system

  • Separate men’s and women’s locker rooms, with changing rooms and showers

  • Fully private locker room for families and clients requiring caregiver assistance

Center for Athletes

What do we all have in common?

That’s easy, we all want to be as strong and able as possible, no matter what our age, no matter what challenges stand in our way. That’s why Marsh Brook Rehab offers a wide range of personal performance programs, from sport-specific programs designed for students of all ages to adults looking to improve their overall athletic abilities or overcome medical barriers to exercise.

Indoor/outdoor training facility

The Center for Athletes is a 4,800-square-foot indoor/outdoor training facility that includes a well-equipped weight room, expansive functional training space and outdoor artificial turf area.

CFA weight room includes:

  • Squat racks

  • Olympic lifting platforms

  • Bumper plates

  • Dumbbells and kettle balls

  • Air-resistance Keiser Triple Functional Trainer

CFA functional training area includes:

  • Plyo boxes

  • Resistance bands

  • Medicine balls

  • Range of various functional training equipment for the most effective plyometric, power and agility training

Outdoor artificial turf training area:

  • Provides an ideal space just outside of the CFA for outdoor training and activities

  • Offers more than 30 yards of space to accommodate groups of athletes working out together

  • Includes a hill for sprinting and speed training