Run Fit


Sharpen your skills by having pros evaluate your running mechanics.

Take Run Fit out for a spin. Our certified physical therapists will conduct a biomechanical and video analysis of your running style. After the initial evaluation, runners are able to transition to the Center for Athletes to work on a training program tailored specifically to their needs based on the running analysis.

Research indicates that 75% of all runners will be sidelined by an injury at some point in their running careers — injuries often resulting from improper running mechanics or deficiencies in muscle and joint function. Don’t become a statistic. Join with the Marsh Brook Rehab Run Fit team, which offers the right combination of resources and skills necessary to help you maximize your running potential and minimize your risk of injury. Our program offers these additional services.

Biomechanical Video Analysis:

Before you begin training, one of our certified PTs who specializes in evaluating functional movement and running biomechanics will perform a video analysis of your running form. You’ll be filmed from multiple angles while you’re on the treadmill. Advanced digital imaging allows us to capture your movements frame by frame, so that we can view every miniscule change as you run—impossible to do with the naked eye!

This enables us to:

  • Identify muscular imbalances, mechanical defects, movement patterns and strength deficits that need to be corrected

  • Tailor therapy treatments to address these, while helping you learn new running-specific exercises and techniques

  • Video you after a specific period of time, so you can see how much you’ve improved

Run Fit Prevention (RFP)

If you have not suffered a running injury, choose this option to prevent future problems. In addition to a biomechanical video analysis, our specialists will perform a customized functional movement evaluation. You can then enroll in a tailor-made corrective strength and conditioning program in our Center for Athletes training facility. With your detailed evaluation and expert physical training, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your performance and minimizing your risk of injury.

Run Fit Recovery (RFR)

From novices who have just started running to the elite athlete who trains for marathons, pain is the common link. If you experience pain while running or have been injured, take advantage of this sports therapy program. Run Fit Recovery combines expert physical therapy with a video analysis, accelerating your return to pain-free running. When you’re ready, you can transition to the Center for Athletes and get all the benefits of our RFP program. RFR physical therapy services are covered by most insurance plans.