Experts in virtually every rehab specialty

As a large rehab center, with dozens of therapists on staff, we’re able to offer diverse programs designed to addresses highly specific conditions and issues. The therapists trained in these programs typically have unique certifications and expertise in using advanced therapy techniques to support client needs.

Choose Marsh Brook Rehab for virtually any physical or occupational therapy need.

Run Fit

Want the pros to evaluate your running mechanics so you can sharpen your skills?

Take Run Fit out for a spin. Learn more.


Industrial Rehab Program

Work place injuries are not only common, they can be devastating. Missing time from work can cause financial and emotional hardships. Injuries can be long-lasting—and impact future employment. Through our comprehensive Industrial Rehab Program, we’ll help you recover from injuries, regain function and get you back on the job, feeling better than ever, as quickly as possible. Learn more

Post Rehab


Post Rehab

Congratulations! You’ve completed your physical or occupational therapy and are on your way to a full recovery from your injury. Now it’s time to continue building on the new skills and abilities you've gained. Join our Post-Rehab Program in the Center For Athletes and take your recovery to the next level. This program bridges the gap between physical therapy and a full return to your sport or work out activities. Post-Rehab is:

  • An ideal option offering affordable monthly fees based on weekly usage; allows you to continue your rehabilitation if you have a limited number of physical therapy appointments covered by your health insurance—or if you have a high co-pay that makes ongoing therapy cost-prohibitive. Clients referred from PT or OT to the CFA receive a discount.

  • Full access to the Center for Athletes, which offers extensive weight equipment, extensive functional training space, outdoor training areas and heated indoor swimming pool.

  • Individual or small group training sessions, which are supervised by our Certified Athletic Trainers

  • Anyone who has completed formal therapy and wants to take their progress to a higher level

  • Patients with high copays or who have exhausted their PT or OT benefits, but still need rehab

  • Athletes recovering from an injury, who are looking to safely return to their sport

  • Injured workers needing to return to physically demanding jobs

Medical Exercise


Medical Exercise

Got a physical challenge or concern holding you back? Get on the path to regaining your strength, health—and your life. Check out the Marsh Brook Rehab Medical Exercise Program.

Maybe you have diabetes. Maybe weight issues are causing other problems, like high blood pressure. Or maybe you’re recovering from an injury and need help getting back on track. When you join our Medical Exercise Program, one of our Certified Physical Therapists will conduct a thorough evaluation, including a body movement screen to determine if you have any orthopedic impairments, as well as measure your body mass index (BMI).

From this evaluation and your medical history, we’ll develop a customized exercise program for your first few visits, which will serve as your “baseline.” Not motivated to exercise? We’ve found that clients often just need some guidance to get going. We’ll provide all the guidance and support you need so that making exercise a priority becomes much more manageable. Then when you’re ready, perhaps after several PT or OT appointments, we'll help you transition to the Center for Athletes (CFA).

At the CFA, you’ll work directly with our team of Certified Athletic Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Specialists to achieve your goals. We’ll also provide nutritional guidance and strategies as required that help you learn how to integrate healthy choices into your life in order to make positive life-long changes in your dietary habits. Your team will reevaluate you periodically to track your progress, suggesting changes as necessary.

  • Anyone, of any age, with a medical or health concern that makes exercise challenging or intimidating
  • Anyone training to improve their overall fitness, but may not be comfortable at a traditional gym due to medical or health risks
  • Patients will need a referral from their PT or OT or from their specialist or PCP.

Christine Bolden, Senior Front Desk Representative Marsh Brook Rehab

“When I decided to be part of the Medical Exercise Program, I had not exercised in years and was eating very poorly. Overall I did not have any medical issues, but I felt it was just a matter of time if I continued down the road I was on. I was nervous in the beginning to share my weight and weaknesses, but Rob and Kim made me feel very comfortable and I did not feel judged by my condition. They have been compassionate and supportive through all of my challenges and helped me reach my goals. They gave me great suggestions and updated exercises when I needed to change things up to prevent myself from getting bored. They offered nutrition information and guidance throughout the process. They really laid the foundation for my current program. I now work out five days a week with a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. I have lost 75 pounds so far and have so much more energy to enjoy all the things I want to do with my family and friends.”


Fit for Work

Looking to get into shape to enhance your work performance? Injured on the job? Experiencing pain and discomfort while working? Talk to your Marsh Brook Rehab physical therapist about our Fit for Work Program.

“Fit for Work” is a unique program designed to complement the Marsh Brook Industrial Rehab program. Clients participate in an individualized one-on-one strength and conditioning program specifically designed to help ensure a safe return to their physically demanding jobs. Training sessions include job-specific task training, as well as total body strength training and overall fitness conditioning. Fit for Work clients train three times per week over a period of one to two months. Entry into the Fit for Work program is only for patients in our Industrial Rehab Program. Services are typically covered by Workers' Compensation insurance.


Fall Prevention

Feel dizzy or unsteady? Fallen for no real reason? Ask your primary care doctor for a referral to Marsh Brook Rehab's Fall Prevention Program. Learn more


B.O.N.E.™ Program

Beat Osteoporosis Now With Exercise! If you have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis, you can take action to improve your bone health—especially with the help of our B.O.N.E. (Beat Osteoporosis Now with Exercise) Program specialists. Learn more


Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics designed specifically to address your wrist, hand or foot condition can make a huge difference in mobility and comfort. Learn more


Pediatric Rehab Program

If your baby or child has a disability that affects their mobility, strength and balance, our aquatics therapy program is tailor-made for them. Learn more

LEAP: Lower Extremity Amputee Program


LEAP: Lower Extremity Amputee Program

Let our highly skilled therapists help you discover new possibilities after a surgical amputation of a lower limb. We know what's possible—many of our patients have had great success. Learn more