Fall Prevention

Dizzy? Unstable? Always looking at the ground when you walk?

Time to get you steady on your feet.

Do you often feel dizzy or unsteady on your feet? Do you have difficulty walking in poorly lit or busy, distracting environments? Are you always looking down when walking on uneven surfaces? Have you fallen for seemingly no reason or suffered a concussion or other head injury? Suffer from vertigo? Ask your primary care doctor for a referral to Marsh Brook Rehab.

The goal of our Fall Prevention Program is to help you maximize your balance and minimize falls, so you can continue doing the activities you enjoy. The program, which covers a wide range of ages and conditions, is designed for anyone who has balance issues, is at risk for falling or needs some assistance getting back securely on their feet.

The program starts with a formal evaluation with a specially trained physical therapist to evaluate orthopedic problems contributing to decreased balance and increased risk of falling. Follow-up sessions include education in balance strategies and development of a comprehensive exercise program to help minimize your risk of falling. Once you have achieved your goals in physical therapy, we will help you transition to an independent exercise program of your choice. The ultimate goal is to restore your confidence and safety!