LEAP: Lower Extremity Amputee Program

New Possibilities

You—more than anyone—know how difficult it is to have a limb amputated. Life will never be exactly the same. But take heart! Our highly skilled therapists have worked with dozens of patients recuperating from amputation surgery. We’ve worked side by side with patients just like you who thought they’d never return to the activities they love. We know what’s possible—and we’ll provide all the help and guidance you need to get back to enjoying life, work—and even participating in athletics—once again.

Together, no matter how hard it may seem or how far you have to go, we’re with you every step of the way, harnessing your courage and determination to help you reach your goals and maximize your potential.

Are you ready to take the leap?

Marsh Brook Rehab has designed our Lower Extremity Amputee Program just for you. This comprehensive, coordinated amputee management program integrates the prosthetic services of the Hanger Clinic, physician oversight from Seacoast Physiatry and the therapy expertise of our therapists. We are all located under one roof, right here at the Marsh Brook Professional Center, making it convenient for you to get the full services you require.

Our physical and occupational therapists specialize in comprehensive, total body rehabilitation and training to speed your recovery and help you return to full function. This includes:

  • Full body strengthening and cardiovascular training

  • Balance and mobility training

  • Progressive gait training and functional restoration

  • Swelling and pain control

  • Aquatic therapy in a 92° pool designed to speed recovery

  • Advanced conditioning in the Center for Athletes, including preparation for return to work, recreation and sports, if desired